More About Math Be Nimble

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Click the store links above for the cool math app – Math Be Nimble.  You can install it directly to your device from your computer!

A cool math game!

Everyone can do math.  Math Be Nimble is exciting and gets people exercising their math brains.  All ages and skill levels can play to earn points and fill up the trophy case. Don’t be scared of math, conquer it with this cool math game!

Great for Kids AND Adults – it is for everyone!

Everyone can benefit from some extra math practice, and Math Be Nimble has a challenge for all math abilities. A few minutes of consistent practice every day and you will be on your way. Math Be Nimble will guide you to real math progress – and your current age or ability doesn’t matter. Kids as as young as 7 and 8 have made great strides using Math Be Nimble and parents who have joined in have commented about how much it helps them too!

Great for Extra Practice!

The built-in progression of the game is great way to help students continue learning.  Instead of drifting into numbness with other games, Math Be Nimble offers a fun way to practice math and increase abilities.

Great for Homeschool!

Math Be Nimble provides a fun and entertaining way to solidify learning, allowing the teacher and student play together – creating good relationships with each other and with the math.  It is a great way to consolidate the homeschool math schedule, getting all students working at the same time!

Great for Teachers!

The flexibility of Math Be Nimble offers teachers many options in engaging their students.  Whether it is used for practice, as a reward, achievement feedback, or some other way, Math Be Nimble gives teachers a new tool to keep the students interested and focused.

Math Be Nimble, Math Be Quick! Cool Fast-paced math game for players of all ages and abilities. On Android and iPhone/iPad!